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We make offers to data they cannot refuse
Data Insights

Our clients trust us to discover hidden values in their data. Our equipment includes nowadays most powerful tools in distributed machine learning and data modelling.


We've got generic and specific contracts all around the world to share our knownledge in Distributed Machine Learning, Apache Spark and its ecosystem.


World-class suite of tools integrating all phases of Distributed Data Computing and Machine Learning. Including the famous Spark Notebook.

Genomics and Health scalable and interoperable Products

We believe in the future with the raise of better genomics and health systems.
We bring our stone to the edifice with the most advanced and powerful sharing and analysis product for genomics and heath data implementing the new standards from GA4GH.


Products & Services

Smart data products and consultancy that can scale
Agile Data Science Toolkit

Bringing the full power of distributed machine learning in the hands of the new generation of data scientists.

The suite of tools for your team

n the most agile fashion, data scientists can interactively develop their pipelines, including the creation of new models, definition of outputs, automatic integration of semantics, deployment to distributed computing systems, generation of micro services on any kind of outputs.
Custom Insights

Best machine learning and probabilistic inference knownledge.

Highly skilled consultany

We help in taking over any datasets, from the wrangling until the inference, prediction and futher.
Genomics and Health

We provide enterprises in this sector the most performant interoperable tool

KPI sniper

We enable sharing amazingly big genomics and health datasets with teams or partners to optimize and refine analysis.

Distributed Machine Learning, Apache Spark

Scala, Spark and more to come

We're partners with top companies in the world, like Typesafe, to deliver extremely valuable training enhanced by our in-depth knowledge.
Other domains in Big Data

We have extended domain knowledge in modelling financial data or geospatial data.

Financial prediction or Geospatial mining

Sectors related to those domains will be happy to benefit from such deep expertize, speeding the access to reliable and accurate results.

Our Team

Andy Petrella
Maths → Distributed Data Scientist

Maths lead me to do that...

Apache Spark and Machine Learning Guru

Xavier Tordoir
Physics → Distributed Data Scientist

My Ph.D in Physical Sciences forced me to discover that!

Experienced Data Modeler and Distributed Systems Ninja


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Data Engineer
Full-time Employee: Project Engineer
Having-ish these (prioritized) skills:
  1. Spark
  2. Scala, Akka
  3. Spark Notebook
  4. Mesos
  5. System
  6. Pluses: Cassandra, Kafka
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Data Engineer
Full-time Employee: Software Engineer
Having-ish these (prioritized) skills:
  1. Mesos
  2. System (Network, Linux, ...)
  3. Scala, Akka
  4. Spark Notebook
  5. Spark
  6. Play Framework
  7. Pluses: Cassandra, Kafka
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Data Analyst
Full-time Employee: Analyses Insurance&Health
Having-ish these (prioritized) skills:
  1. (Distributed) Machine Learning
  2. Insurance/Healthcare
  3. Data Pipeline
  4. Spark Notebook
  5. Spark
  6. Scala
  7. Pluses: H2O, DL4J
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